Student Leadership Welcome

Tamzin Shaw – Head Girl

What are you studying ?

English Language and Literature, History and Sociology

Why did you choose those subjects?

English has always been a fascinating subject for me, as I have enjoyed it all the way from year 7 through to year 11 and so wanted to carry it onto A level. In particular I love the creative element of English and being able to use my imagination in order to put all of my ideas together into one piece. History has probably always been my favourite subject as I thoroughly enjoy learning about the various different time periods within History. Modern history is the area that I particularly take an interest in with Nazi Germany being my favourite area within modern history. From the content of the course that I have learnt so far within A level History, Russia has to be my favorite as before I had no knowledge of Russian History but learning about the ways in which Russia has grown and the dictatorship of Russia has been really fascinating to me. Finally, I chose Sociology as it was a new subject for me as I had no prior knowledge about it beforehand. Crime and Deviance has to be my favorite topic that I have learnt about so far as its extremely interesting learning about the different groups within society who commit crimes and the reasons why they do so.

What do you hope to do in the future ?

After I finish my A levels I hope to go onto university to study Law. I am currently considering studying abroad and learning about the Law within a different country for a year as part of my degree, I also feel that this will massively help me with my independence and confidence. My reason for wanting to study Law is that it is a new subject for me and the thought of being presented with various different cases on a daily basis really fascinates me. I have always enjoyed debating various different topics and so I feel that this will help me when representing my client within court if I do choose this route. Another possible career path that I am considering is going into the public sector and becoming a detective within the police force.

Gabriela Zelawska – Deputy Head Girl

What are you studying?

I’m currently studying Biology, Chemistry and Computer Science.

Why did you choose the subjects?

Biology always fascinated me because it covers so many interesting aspects of the living organisms and the way they work, for example how our bodies protect themselves from diseases or how we process food to gain energy. Chemistry is yet another subject I have enjoyed ever since primary school mostly because it’s the science of particles so small they can’t be seen with a naked eye. I always found it intriguing how such small molecules make up our world. I choose Computer Science because I liked creating new programs and learning about the way technology works from the technical side of things.

What do you hope to do in the future?

I would love to go to university to study Film Production and in the future become a film director/producer. It has always been a dream of mine, the A Levels I chose have given me a strong foundation.

Giancarlo Trinidad – Head Boy

What subjects are you currently studying?

Currently I am studying Computer Science, RE, and Business

Why did you choose those subjects?

I chose Computer Science due to my interest in computers ever since I was little living in the countryside in the Philippines. My love for technology grew more when I was introduced to video games, I knew then I would love to create games when I am older. So when I chose my subjects for both GCSE and A-level I didn’t hesitate in choosing Computer Science as a subject to study. I have grown up with religious beliefs and I always enjoyed the topic of RE and others that are similar to it such as: Philosophy and Theology, which I study in A level. Therefore being someone who loves to learn subjects outside of Maths and Science, I always felt that RE was something I would enjoy. My final subject of Business was the newest of the subjects I have decided to study at A-level, initially I found myself lost when I began but now I do find the subject to be very helpful and interesting, mainly because it has now taught me how to research information more thoroughly.

What do you want to do in the future?

I plan to take video game development in university, the course will allow access to different programming languages which will be useful for a career in the industry of programming as a whole not just games programming alone.

Any hobbies?

At home I often read stories online as a way to relax and take my mind out of the modern day stress that I encounter as well as the fact I’ve always loved to read. I also do my own story writing and self publish online. 

Gurveer Dhiman – Deputy Head Boy

What subjects am I currently studying?

I currently study: Maths, Economics and English Literature.

Why did you choose these subjects?

I chose Maths as it has been a subject that has always thoroughly interested me and I enjoy the satisfaction of solving mathematical problems. Economics is a subject that I have always been interested in. I always found the business and economy section of BBC news interesting therefore, I decided to pursue this subject to help broaden my knowledge. English Literature is a subject that I have a passion for, which developed throughout GCSEs hence I decided to continue it at A Level.

What do you hope to do in the future?

I hope to study for a degree in Law at university. After university, I would like to specialise in corporate law.

Do you have any hobbies?

I tend to go to the gym, as I believe physical health is the key to having a healthy mindset. I also enjoy spending time with my family and friends.