The Academy requests that parent/carer make all but emergency appointments for medical and dental check-ups outside of the school day. If this is not possible, please give as much notice in advance along with evidence to the Academy as soon as possible of the appointment.

Following parental communication to the Academy of an appointment, students are required to present to Student Reception before the school day commences or during morning break to collect a timed pass to leave their lesson, (Parents/carers please remind your child of this). As a parent/carer you will be required to enter the Academy through visitor reception to collect your child, where you are required to sign your child out of the building and back in again when they return. This is a legal requirement for Health and Safeguarding purposes.

Students must attend school before and after the appointment where appropriate so that the loss of learning time is minimised. This absence will be authorised for the appointment and for reasonable travel time only.