All post 16 courses are intensive and students cannot afford to miss valuable guided learning hours, teaching and study time. Students are required to attend all registration sessions, assemblies and timetabled lessons. Sixth form attendance is tracked diligently and it is the responsibility of the parent/carer to contact school on the same day of their child’s absence to ensure safeguarding.

In addition to timetabled lessons, sixth form students will also have non-contact periods on their timetables for independent study, extension work, tutorials, core RE activity, whole school and sixth form liturgical events, careers and enrichment activities.

Students who are excelling in their subjects and can evidence sustained progress, may be offered a specialised personal learning plan. A specialised personal learning plan will only be in consultation with the parent/carer and the Academy; this can be withdrawn at any point if a student is not meeting with their study commitment.

Consortium Arrangements: A dual registration is not required for study which is provided in collaboration with other schools on a consortium basis for post 16 provision. Students need only be recorded at their main base with any registration for tuition at other consortium school being regarded as a guest registration.

 Sixth Form Attendance Policy