Your study programme will consist of the following elements:

The main qualifications that you have chosen

This will be either your vocational course or the selection of A levels that you’ve picked. This qualification will provide you with a route to your career goals. Study for these will take up the most amount of study time.

English and maths

English and maths skills are required by everyone in all walks of life and in all careers. The content of your English and maths development will depend on your individual level. If you haven’t achieved a GCSE at grade C in these subjects, then you work towards achieving this. If you have, then you will do some further development with functional skills.

Personal tutorial and career education sessions

You will have one session each week for this. The session will identify any help or support that you need, review your attendance, monitor your progress, and plan and develop your targets. These sessions make sure you maximise your potential whilst at College. You will have four one to one progress reviews through the year. Group sessions include career research, CV development, personal and social development activities and helping you plan for your future after College.

Employability and enterprise

These sessions will help you to develop employability skills which you will need in your future career. Workshops are planned so that you will be ready to undertake your work experience.

Work experience

Each student will have the opportunity to attend some work experience as part of their course. We have a variety of live projects within college and local businesses.