Students who are undertaking a trial at a new school under the ‘managed move’ process are considered to be a ‘guest’ pupil at their new school for the duration of the trial period (normally 12 weeks). During the transition period the pupil remains on the roll of their original school and the pupil is regarded as a Guest at the new school. At the end of the trial period, if the move becomes permanent, the receiving school will need to change the enrolment status to coincide with the pupil’s date of leaving their original school. The receiving school will also need to enter a new start date to reflect the fact that the pupil is now started on-roll.

Consortium Arrangements: A dual registration is not required for study which is provided in collaboration with other schools on a consortium basis (eg post-16 provision). Students need only be recorded at their main base with any registration for tuition at other consortium school(s) being regarded as a guest registration.