James Potts

James Potts was a student at St Edmund’s, leaving in 2011. He went to the University of Nottingham where he studied Politics. Since graduating, he has worked in Parliament supporting an MP. James is now an Assistant to the Deputy Mayor of London.

Kristian Thomas

Kristian Thomas was a student at St Edmund’s, leaving in 2007. He was a gymnast for England & Great Britain and the Olympic Gymnast Captain for Team GB’s Gymnastics Squad at Olympic Games Rio 2016. He has recently been appointed as the new ambassador for the British Gymnastics Foundations ‘Love to Move’ programme.

Daniel Collet

Former student Daniel, studied Mathematics, Physics & Electronics at sixth form. He has
always been passionate about succeeding and had aspirations of being a chartered engineer. Daniel successfully secured a higher apprenticeship engineering role at GE Aviation Systems in Cheltenham. St Edmund’s offered extra 1:1 support to help with exams and provided Daniel with the stepping stone to achieve his desired career path.

Kaitriona Grewal

Kaitriona studies Psychology, Sociology and Design & Technology in sixth form. Practising Taekwondo, which she has been doing for over 10 years, Kaitriona has completed many regional, national and international championships, most recently being the ‘Best of the Best’
Championships in Ireland where she achieved Double Gold.