If your child is not able to attend the Academy you must notify the Academy on the first day of absence as soon as possible if there is a problem and the reason why your child is absent. Contact can be made via telephone on 01902 558888 option 1 (24 hour answerphone) ideally before 8.30am and every subsequent day of absence updating the Academy on their child’s condition and expected date of return.

If contact is not made to the Academy with reason for a child’s absence a text message is sent to the identified primary contact after the morning register has been taken. Further enquiries for reason for absence will be taken by the Academy when there has been no response and safeguarding procedures will be followed.

The decision to authorise an absence can only be taken by the Principal or the person designated by the Principal to take this decision. If the Academy decide that the reason is not valid and a child does not attend school, the absence will not be authorised.