What year will I be expected to take “work experience”?
All students are encouraged to undertake work experience placements in Years 9, 11 and 12.

Why is “work experience” important?

Work experience is an opportunity for pupils to get out into the local and wider community to learn, understand and appreciate how a workplace, that is of interest to them, operates successfully. It is important pupils make a purposeful choice about their work experience. Pupils have the opportunity to arrange their own work experience placement that works for them. We encourage students to leave their comfort zone. A placement should not be the most convenient, but it should be the most worthwhile for the individual.

What should I consider when looking for a work placement?

A work placement that can give you an insight into a particular career pathway that you may be considering.
The work placement that you choose can help support your decisions on which A levels to choose should you be considering to stay on at St Edmund’s Catholic Academy, certain apprenticeships or college courses.
Travelling to and from the work placement.
Asking your family to help find you a work placement or or shorter shadowing opportunities, particularly in Year 9.

How can I find work experience in and around Wolverhampton?
Please speak with your Head of Year or Mrs Hogg (Careers Advisor

Why is work experience so important for you?
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