St Edmund’s whole school curriculum mission

Our curriculum is designed to ensure all students know success and have secured the knowledge and skills to ensure they leave St Edmund’s as: 

  • well qualified, fully rounded citizens
  • active in their  understanding of social justice and action
  • appreciating that they have been created in dignity and designed with a purpose.  

As with all aspects of life at St Edmund’s , our curriculum lives out our CARE values within its intent: (Calm-Aspirational-Respectful-Engaged). 

Learning is designed to be CALM. 

Curriculum planning focuses on the well being of the student by ensuring clearly shared expectations of what is to be taught and how it is sequenced with time allocated to check learning and to bridge gaps in knowledge. In the lower school 10 minutes of silent reading sets the tone for reflection and discovery. In the upper school lessons are planned carefully  to allow sufficient time for revision, testing and practice of exam routines to ensure all are well prepared and feel comfortable to undertake external examinations.

Learning is designed to be ASPIRATIONAL.

Academic targets are challenging to ensure all students can ”know more, remember more and  do more”; that they strive to achieve their own personal best.  Substantive and disciplinary knowledge is adapted  to meet all student needs,  particularly upper ability, SEND and disadvantaged pupils. It is designed to create intellectual curiosity (the desire to learn more about the world and find the answers to deeper questions), build independent learning skills & fluency, extend literacy and reading as a lifelong pleasure. 

Learning is designed to be RESPECTFUL

Curriculum design and learning environments provide the very best of modern British values. Texts, experts and case studies are carefully selected to celebrate diversity locally, nationally and globally. It provides a naturally occurring opportunity to challenge prejudice of any sort through deep questioning and tackling important world issues. Adaptive teaching ensures all students at St Edmund’s are valued and challenged to achieve their own personal best. 

Learning is designed to ENGAGE

Our curriculum is designed to engage all young people in their subject specialisms through planning active, student centred learning activities.  Furthermore we want all young people to engage in our curriculum with the intention of doing  much more than simply passing exams. We weave  careers guidance,  extend cultural capital as well as  providing opportunities for meaningful  spiritual, moral and personal growth.