Last week, our Year 8 students had an exciting and enriching experience as they participated in the live online event, “I’m A Scientist, Get Me Out of Here”. This interactive session allowed our students to engage directly with professional scientists who graciously took time out of their busy schedules to answer questions and share insights about their careers, journeys and passions.

During the session, students were thrilled to discover common interests with the scientists and learn about various STEM careers they hadn’t previously considered. This experience not only sparked a greater interest in STEM fields but also provided valuable information about the qualifications required for different career paths.

The scientists who participated in this event represented a diverse range of fields, including:

  • A plant scientist at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, researching methods to grow plants in space to support astronauts on missions to the Moon and beyond
  • A marine biologist investigating the impact of chemicals on marine mammals
  • A scientist working with salmon farmers, ensuring the health and sustainability of salmon populations
  • Another marine biologist studying the behaviour of worms and snails at the ocean floor and how climate change affects them
  • A parasitologist developing vaccines to protect animals from worm infections
  • A PhD student examining insects in woodlands to understand the effects of tree planting
  • A data analyst working with air traffic control data to ensure safety and efficiency in aviation

We are incredibly grateful to these scientists for dedicating their time and knowledge to our students. The insights and inspiration they provided made a significant impact, and our students thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

This event was a wonderful opportunity for our students to broaden their horizons and consider future careers in STEM. We look forward to more opportunities that connect our students with experts and ignite their curiosity and ambition.

Thank you to everyone involved with making “I’m A Scientist, Get Me Out of Here” a memorable and impactful event for our Year 8 students!