The academy was abuzz with excitement and anticipation as 12 professionals came to conduct interviews with our Year 10 students. This event was not just an exercise in professional engagement but a moment for our pupils to showcase their skills and potential in a real-world setting.

The interviews, representing a diverse array of industries, were impressed, noting the student’s articulate responses, thoughtful questions and the maturity they displayed throughout the process. It was evident that our students has not only prepared extensively but had also internalised the importance of the experience.

The professionals who visited our academy contributed to the vibrant atmosphere. They brought with them a wealth of knowledge and experience, providing valuable feedback and insights that will undoubtedly help shape the future careers of our students. Their presence added an element of real-world relevance to the academic environment, bridging the gap between education and the professional world.

The event reinforced the importance of such individuals in our educational system. By providing students with the opportunities to engage with professionals, we prepare them for the realities of the working world and inspire them to pursue their aspirations with determination and confidence.

The interview day for our Year 10 students was a resounding success, marked by professionalism, articulate communication and thorough preparation. It was a day that highlighted the potential of our pupils and the supportive environment of our academy. We are proud of our pupils and grateful to the professional who took the time to invest in their futures. Here’s to many more inspiring and enriching experiences.