The workshop Adeel and I attended recently was a great insight into university life at Warwick and specifically what a politics course would entail. We had a Q&A with current politics students and one girl who had finished her course and was now doing her masters at Warwick. They all told us how flexible the course was and how you can tailor it to support your specific interests.

My personal favorite part of the day was our mini lecture on “How should we deal with the legacy of the empire” looking at how our famous institutes like Oxford and Bristol university were built on the back of the slave trade and how we as a country, and students that attend those universities, should address that by acknowledging the victims without whitewashing the fact that many university founders themselves were slave owners.

We also looked at what makes a good MP and how to write a good political blog, a skill we are encouraged to use to enter the Political studies association blog competition on “does the public expect too much of UK politicians?”.

Ruby Cochrane