Sixth Form Employability & Enterprise Workshops

Daniel Collett from GE Aviation came in to deliver some workshops with year 12.  Former Head Boy at St. Edmunds who secured a very successful apprenticeship, Daniel is now in his fourth year at GE Aviation. He gave the students an insight in the world of work and the role of an apprentice.  Daniel was accompanied by a team of new apprentices who supported him with the employability workshops.

Sophie said “I found that it was very beneficial as they spoke to us and advised us on how to write a CV and the type of things to say within an interview. They also gave us tips on how to turn small things on your CV (such as communication skills) into things you can use in a bigger way. They also showed us how apprenticeships are not just about having a job but how they also continue teach you new things, such as how to work as a team, even when you’re out of the education system”.

Abigail said, “Although not being interested in the course itself (Engineering), I found it very helpful when advising us about how to prepare for interviews and questions that we may be expecting and how to answer them correctly to impress the interviewer, and to be able to flip weaknesses I may have, into positives”.

Taran said , “The course itself was very good at showing us how to prepare ourselves for interviews, along with telling us how to impress the interviewer”.

Nursing and Midwifery event at New Cross Hospital

On Monday 15th October some of our Sixth Formers attended a Nursing and Midwifery event at New Cross Hospital.
It was a fantastic opportunity for our Sixth Formers as they were given important facts to what life as a Nurse or Midwife will entail and why the should consider Nursing as a profession. The day began with a welcoming speech from The Chief Nurse Anne-Marie Cannaby and later involved a question and answering session from year 3 Student Nurses. Our Sixth Formers also had the opportunity to participate in a number of practical sessions as well as visiting hospital wards
Marwah felt The day was very informative and the information given gave me an insight to whether nursing or midwifery would be a career I would plan to go onto.
Elza said “The day was very insightful for many of us who were still unsure about our career,as it gave us a glimpse of what it takes to be a Nurse or Midwife.”

Arun Complete’s Young Investment Banking Placement

Over the two years of A-Levels, I have supplemented this academic interest with work
experience within the financial sector. My placement on, “The Young Investment Banking
Programme” at The University Of Manchester gave me a 360-degree experience in investment banking where I was trained on how to secure a front-office position and given access to established investment bankers. During the program, I was given the opportunity to attend a one-on-one question and answer session which I found particularly beneficial. I was able to cover specific areas involving sales and trading, hedge funds and private equity, which gave me an overall boosted insight into finance as a whole. Commuting to Stoke-on-Trent (Wood Goldstraw Yorath LLP) I was given the opportunity to provide a budget for a client where I had to meet their overall set prices in completion of their house. The experience gave me a strong understanding on how to work with a variety of people and how to manage money in a more sophisticated way. I believe that studying a Banking and Finance degree will equip me with the knowledge and understanding to facilitate me forging a long and rewarding career in this area.


Arun Raj

Sixth Form

Cery’s Sutton Trust Summer School Experience

The Sutton Trust project involved 6 days living in Grey College at Durham University. Each day consisted of academic sessions where a subject leader would do presentations on different aspects of the chosen course in preparation of an assessed project at the end. After an evening meal, social activities ran which included theatre, football, fencing, a silent disco and open mic night. The assessed project for Psychology was a written piece on our own devised psychological experiment, and a presentation to our group on said experiment. Passing this project resulted in a guaranteed conditional offer in which the entry requirements were reduced from AAA to ABB.

The Sutton Trust Summer School at Durham University was insightful. It was my first time travelling and living away from home so now I don’t feel as anxious when thinking about moving away to University. I am also positive that Durham is the university for me, as well as being confident in my choice of course.

Macmillan Coffee Morning

Friday 28 September 2018 marked the annual Macmillan Coffee Morning organised by our
Sixth Form.

Staff took part and generously contributed cakes to be sold. We certainly ‘baked it and
faked it’!! Our Sixth Formers – Tiffany, Cerys and Gabriella kindly promoted and co-
ordinated the event. The majority of the cakes were sold during break in the foyer.

Leoni (8AK) said, “ I bought a cake that had a cute strawberry on top of the icing and jam in
the middle. I support Macmillan because my great uncle died from cancer and I think
Macmillan do an amazing job supporting people with cancer”.

Visit from Oriel College, Oxford

India Collins-Davies, Outreach Officer from Oriel College, Oxford came to speak to Year 13 about the interview and application process. We have a number of potential Oxbridge applicants this year who are competing for places at Oxford and Cambridge.

Arminda is applying to Cambridge this year to study Computer Science, he is predicted an A* at A level, Armindar said, “The experience was very helpful, and made me feel more confident about my application, India made some valuable comments”.

In year 12 we have a group of aspiring medics who spoke to India about gaining experience in the medical field in preparation for their university applications next year.

India gave a motivational talk to year 11 with a brief overview of entry requirements and career pathways. Paige who is aspiring to go to Oxford asked about her pathway to university and ‘A’ level options in St Edmunds Sixth form.

“The Best Dressed Sixth Former” award

John is one of many great ambassadors for St Edmund’s Catholic Academy. He is currently studying Law, English Language and Literature and Film Studies he aspires to study English at University.
The school dress code firmly stipulates smart office wear a rule which John always adheres to, wearing his uniform with the same pride as the uniforms worn by Years 7 to 11. This was celebrated by his peers last term when he was awarded a certificate for ‘The Best Dressed Sixth Former”. Last weekend, he visited Blooms Menswear in Darlington Street, where he shook hands with the manager and had his photo taken within the shop, holding the certificate he was awarded.
John stated, “A good uniform is a sign of good discipline and as students of St Edmunds, it is our responsibility to set a good example. Or at the very least not to appear haphazard.”
The Year 13 student is a frequent customer at Blooms Menswear in Wolverhampton, where he, like so many others, has his suit tailored and fitted, He takes great pride in his appearance along with his school work and as proud members of this academy, we should ensure that we reflect that pride both in our work, in our attitudes and in our uniforms.

Unilife Programme

Viktorija, one of our Year 12 students recently spent an interesting 3 days at Staffordshire University on their Unilife programme. This programme is free to students and gives them an opportunity to experience University life. Students took part in a variety of activities including lectures on their chosen course, student finance and degree apprenticeships as well as how to prepare their personal statements. They were then treated to fun activities such as a flight simulator experience and a talk by staff from an exotic zoo in Telford where she faced her phobia by holding a tarantula spider!

Young Lawyer Report

During July, 2018 we both participated in the Young Lawyer Programme at University College London. This was a great experience for the both of us as we are both interested in the subject and are currently considering going into it as a future profession. The day allowed us to walk in the shoes of real life lawyers with case studies being presented to us which meant we were really able to engage and share our ideas in group discussions with our fellow peers. The day included talks from various different lawyers who are excellent within their fields. These talks included the Solicitor, Family Lawyer, Barrister and the City Lawyer. We also had a mock murder trial after lunch which gave us the chance to engage and cross examine witnesses which was probably the highlight of our day as it was set up like a real life case and therefore felt as if we were in an actual court. Not only did we have talks from various different professionals but also talks about applying for university and the recruitment process. Then finally the day was rounded off by having a panel discussion where all the lawyers came together to answer any final questions we may have had. So overall, we are very happy that we took this opportunity as it has really helped us decide on what we want to carry on doing after sixth form and has also given us valuable experience.

Year 12 visit to Keele University

On PD Day year 12 visited Keele University. An introduction to university life was given followed by a tour.

The campus provides a wealth of amenities including a gym, Multi Faith Chapel , bank and restaurants. The site is a hybrid of modern and more traditional buildings on 620 acres of land with eight lakes.

David Bedford Maths Lecturer gave an insight into infinite number patterns, so Mr Lloyd was in his element! Bartosz Walzak contributed answers and devised his own theorem stating, “the day was really useful and I can’t wait to go to university”.

The Business, Finance & Accounting lecture focused on risks and probabilities and touched upon the effects of Brexit.

The Psychology talk was based on the Harry Potter stories. Dr Yvonne Skipper gave a most amusing talk on how prejudices were demonstrated through the houses in Harry Potter!

The History lecture gave an insight into communication through the ages with the current issue of “fake news” explained. The use of traditional postcards versus the now common instant messaging we were explored.

The day was thoroughly enjoyed by all.