Exam Board information

Awarding Body Subject Specification Title
AQA Biology GCSE Biology 8461
AQA Chemistry GCSE Chemistry 8462
AQA Physics GCSE Physics 8463
AQA Trilogy Combined Science GCSE Combined Science: Trilogy 8464
OCR Maths GCSE Maths J560
AQA English GCSE English Language 8700
AQA English Literature GCSE English Literature 8702
OCR Sports studies OCR National in Sports Studies
AQA Design & Technology Design and Technology 8552
OCR Art Art , Craft & Design J175 (OCR)
WJEC Food Level 1 / 2 Hospitality & Catering
OCR Art: 3D Design GCSE Art and Design: 3D Design
OCR Drama GCSE Drama
Pearson Music BTEC Tech Award Level 1/2 in Music Practice
OCR Geography GCSE (9-1) Geography A (Geographical Themes)
OCR History GCSE (9-1) History B (Schools History Project)
Eduqas RE GCSE (9-1) Religious Studies Route B
Edexcel RE GCSE (9-1) Religious Studies Route A (1RA0)
AQA Sociology AQA GCSE in Sociology
Pearson BTEC Health and Social Care BTEC Tech Award 1/2 in Health and Social Care
OCR Economics GCSE Economics
OCR Computer Science GCSE Computer Science
Pearson BTEC Creative Media Production BTEC Level 1/2 Tech Award in Creative Media Production
AQA Business Studies GCSE Business
Pearson BTEC Business Vocational BTEC Level 1/2 Tech Award in Enterprise
AQA GCSE French AQA GCSE in French
AQA GCSE Spanish AQA GCSE in Spanish
Edexcel GCSE French Pearson Edexcel GCSE Level 1/Level2 in French
Edexcel GCSE Spanish Pearson Edexcel GCSE Level 1/Level 2 in Spanish


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