School Gateway

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Understanding your child’s online learning

Watch our 20 minute online session to learn how you can better support your child’s online learning
Underneath the video is a form to complete if you have any further questions or feedback

Helping Learning

“Help me study” site: Visit the site we have created for pupils to support their learning whenever they are not physically in school
Remote Learning Guidance: Know what parents and pupils can expect from remote learning at St Edmund’s
The Curriculum: View timelines to see what each year group will be studying and when
Chromebook Scheme: Discover out more information about our one-to-one Chromebook device scheme
Knowledge Organisers: Guide for parents on how to support pupils to use their knowledge organisers

Supporting your child

Safeguarding: Report a concern about the safety or welfare of a child
Free School Meals: Apply for support with Free School Meals
Careers Guidance: Get guidance on the next steps for your child
Educational Psychology Service: Access information and apply for support from this service
E-safety information: Have a conversation with your child about safe online learning
E-safety guidance: Keep your child safe online
Return to school: Information on how the school support students who are returning to full time education at St Edmund’s
Medical Consent Form: To be completed to support medication taking in school.
Counselling Services and Support: Information on our school counselling services and further support for your child.


Practical Information

Coronavirus: Find latest advice and updates on how Covid-19 affects this school
Bus services: Find information about school bus services which serve St Edmund’s
Parent Pay: Website and Support to pay for school meals and any other school costs e.g. trips or books
Uniform: Information about our school uniform. Visit our uniform suppliers Lads and Lasses Schoolwear and Ron Flowers Sports

School Communication

Archive of all letters sent to each year group:

Parent View: Give your opinion about education at St Edmund’s to OFSTED
School Comms: Our app which allows you to receive notifications and other information about your child

Specific Year group information

Year 6 into 7: Parent information booklet, Transition information, Year 7 settling in guidance and Year 7 tutor videos
Year 7 Guide for parents to understand Progress Check Reports
Year 9 Options guide to assist pupils and parents to make GCSE choice selections
Year 11 Information for parents about supporting GCSE studies and revision classes

COVID-19 Vaccination Information

Enrichment Activities (After School Clubs)

Other information

The PIPA Trial

Privacy Notice