Arun Complete’s Young Investment Banking Placement

Over the two years of A-Levels, I have supplemented this academic interest with work
experience within the financial sector. My placement on, “The Young Investment Banking
Programme” at The University Of Manchester gave me a 360-degree experience in investment banking where I was trained on how to secure a front-office position and given access to established investment bankers. During the program, I was given the opportunity to attend a one-on-one question and answer session which I found particularly beneficial. I was able to cover specific areas involving sales and trading, hedge funds and private equity, which gave me an overall boosted insight into finance as a whole. Commuting to Stoke-on-Trent (Wood Goldstraw Yorath LLP) I was given the opportunity to provide a budget for a client where I had to meet their overall set prices in completion of their house. The experience gave me a strong understanding on how to work with a variety of people and how to manage money in a more sophisticated way. I believe that studying a Banking and Finance degree will equip me with the knowledge and understanding to facilitate me forging a long and rewarding career in this area.


Arun Raj

Sixth Form