Cafod-Family Fast Day Friday 5th October


Sadly, due to poverty and injustice, this harvest will not be bright for millions of children and young people around the world who will miss out on food, clean water and even on going to school.
But your support is helping to change this! Last year, schools around England and Wales joined us to
Brighten Up and help make the world a brighter place for communities living in extreme poverty. Your fundraising has been enabling CAFOD partners to work alongside the poorest communities as they find ways to overcome their many challenges. Thank you!
St Edmund’s will ‘ Brighten Up’ on the Annual Fast Day this Friday 5 October. We will be continuing to collect loose change in our ‘Cafod Pyramid Boxes’, and on Friday we are asking students and staff to either donate the amount of something they normally treat themselves to like a chocolate bar, doughnut etc or to give up their normal lunch instead choose Leek and Potato soup with a roll for £1 cash in the canteen, which will be served by the Lay Chaplain and staff. All the money will be donated to Cafod. A special thanks go’s to our catering staff for making the soup provided.
During this week, some of our students have had assemblies, highlighting the work Cafod does and our prayer theme for the school for this week is Cafod.
The good news is that the number of hungry people in our world is falling, but with 793 million of our sisters and brothers still undernourished, we cannot give up.*
We can all be part of helping to eradicate global poverty and building a brighter world. Whatever you do to Brighten Up, thank you.
Make a difference!
£1 buys seeds for a family to grow beans
£7 buys a treated mosquito net that keeps children safe from malaria
£33 supplies one family with safe, clean water in their home
£300 buys a mobile health team for remote communities that don’t have hospitals