Young Lawyer Report

During July, 2018 we both participated in the Young Lawyer Programme at University College London. This was a great experience for the both of us as we are both interested in the subject and are currently considering going into it as a future profession. The day allowed us to walk in the shoes of real life lawyers with case studies being presented to us which meant we were really able to engage and share our ideas in group discussions with our fellow peers. The day included talks from various different lawyers who are excellent within their fields. These talks included the Solicitor, Family Lawyer, Barrister and the City Lawyer. We also had a mock murder trial after lunch which gave us the chance to engage and cross examine witnesses which was probably the highlight of our day as it was set up like a real life case and therefore felt as if we were in an actual court. Not only did we have talks from various different professionals but also talks about applying for university and the recruitment process. Then finally the day was rounded off by having a panel discussion where all the lawyers came together to answer any final questions we may have had. So overall, we are very happy that we took this opportunity as it has really helped us decide on what we want to carry on doing after sixth form and has also given us valuable experience.