Students from various schools and institutions from across the city, recently gathered at the illustrious Wolverhampton Civic Hall.  For many the events of that evening would become a moment engraved in their memories for a lifetime.

A year 11 and a sixth former took on new roles, not only were they students from St Edmund’s Catholic Academy but they also became Youth Council Members. Two sixth formers returned and took on more prominent roles within the youth council, one went on to become a Wolverhampton representative for Youth Parliament while the other went on to become the Chair of Wolverhampton Youth Council.

Together these four students, and the rest of the Youth Council members, would go on to represent their school and help create a better Wolverhampton; a Wolverhampton where the future generations to come would listen intensively to the history of Wolverhampton and how it progressed to become a new city, a better city.

These students would go on to face many new adventures and in turn new opportunities would arise – let’s hope that, like the senior Youth Council members, the new members would also be able to find their voice!


By Janis Liora Tchiesso Nantchouang