Sixth Form Employability & Enterprise Workshops

Daniel Collett from GE Aviation came in to deliver some workshops with year 12.  Former Head Boy at St. Edmunds who secured a very successful apprenticeship, Daniel is now in his fourth year at GE Aviation. He gave the students an insight in the world of work and the role of an apprentice.  Daniel was accompanied by a team of new apprentices who supported him with the employability workshops.

Sophie said “I found that it was very beneficial as they spoke to us and advised us on how to write a CV and the type of things to say within an interview. They also gave us tips on how to turn small things on your CV (such as communication skills) into things you can use in a bigger way. They also showed us how apprenticeships are not just about having a job but how they also continue teach you new things, such as how to work as a team, even when you’re out of the education system”.

Abigail said, “Although not being interested in the course itself (Engineering), I found it very helpful when advising us about how to prepare for interviews and questions that we may be expecting and how to answer them correctly to impress the interviewer, and to be able to flip weaknesses I may have, into positives”.

Taran said , “The course itself was very good at showing us how to prepare ourselves for interviews, along with telling us how to impress the interviewer”.