Yesterday  we were lucky to have Fútbol Lingo come to visit us to discuss the importance of languages when working in the sports industry. Pupils listened to Pierce Kiembi, a YDP coach, discussing his career in football and his journey through language learning, from not understanding the importance of languages to getting ahead in his career thanks to learning languages.

We were invited to consider the role that languages play in everyday life in the sports industry and Pierce discussed the differing positions that needed languages from player level, to managers and coaches, all the way through to staff in the stadiums to journalists and player liaison officers.

We learnt that ‘the more you learn, the more you earn’ and how FIFA as an international federation requires all its employees to speak at least 2 languages just to be considered for any role. 

Being a linguist makes you highly sought after in the job market and it was great to see our pupils learning the significance of this.