Cery’s Sutton Trust Summer School Experience

The Sutton Trust project involved 6 days living in Grey College at Durham University. Each day consisted of academic sessions where a subject leader would do presentations on different aspects of the chosen course in preparation of an assessed project at the end. After an evening meal, social activities ran which included theatre, football, fencing, a silent disco and open mic night. The assessed project for Psychology was a written piece on our own devised psychological experiment, and a presentation to our group on said experiment. Passing this project resulted in a guaranteed conditional offer in which the entry requirements were reduced from AAA to ABB.

The Sutton Trust Summer School at Durham University was insightful. It was my first time travelling and living away from home so now I don’t feel as anxious when thinking about moving away to University. I am also positive that Durham is the university for me, as well as being confident in my choice of course.