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Daily Gospel Reflection 22 May 2020 - IN THE SPIRIT OF BOLDNESS “Do not be afraid.” —Acts 18:9 It’s likely God wouldn’t have told St. Paul to not be afraid unless Paul was actually afraid of something. The city of Corinth must have been a rough place, for by this time in Paul’s life, he had already been stoned, apparently to death, […]
Daily Gospel Reflection 21 May 2020 - “PERFECT STORM” “They opposed him and insulted him.” —Acts 18:6 As I write this, a storm has just blown in. There’s a strong, driving wind outside (cf Acts 2:2). Lightning is darting throughout the sky and powerful blasts of thunder shake the windows. I hear sirens from fire trucks, police cars, and a tornado warning. […]
Masses for the Feast of the Ascension and Mass for the sick 20 May 2020 - On Line Masses and Times. Ascension Day Mass for Children: Fr. Anton from the Oratory is celebrating a Mass for children on Thursday 21 May 9:00 St Peter’s and St Paul’s Wolverhampton St Chad’s Cathedral, Birmingham.12.15pm Discover St Chad’s Cathedral, Birmingham You may also think about starting the Novena tomorrow as we […]
Daily Gospel Reflection 20 May 2020 - LOVE IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH “When He comes, however, being the Spirit of truth He will guide you to all truth.” —John 16:13 Life in Christ is a life of love, for Jesus is Love (see 1 Jn 4:8, 16). Love requires freedom. We cannot force people to love us. Freedom requires knowledge. Without […]
Daily Gospel Reflection 19 May 2020 - GOD IN THE WORKPLACE “The jailer was given instructions to guard them well. Upon receipt of these instructions, he put them in maximum security, going so far as to chain their feet to a stake.” —Acts 16:23-24 The jailer of Paul and Silas did his job to the best of his ability. He may have […]
Daily Gospel Reflection 18 May 2020 - HOME IMPROVEMENT ‘ ” —Acts 16:15 After her conversion, the first words of Lydia, the first convert of the Western world, involved making her home a base for evangelisation. Jesus stayed at home for about thirty years before His three years of public ministry. The Church met primarily in homes for its first three hundred […]
Daily Gospel Reflection 15 May 2020 - THE GOD OF LIFESTYLE “It is the decision of the Holy Spirit, and ours too, not to lay on you any burden beyond that which is strictly necessary.” —Acts 15:28 The elders of the church of Jerusalem and the Holy Spirit decided Gentile Christians did not need to be circumcised, but rather had to change […]
Worldwide Day of Prayer & Fasting for an end to the Pandemic 14 May 2020 - Pope Francis has asked us to come together today, to pray together, for the end of the Pandemic. Here are a few links you may want to join in with today, from Masses to meditation or just sit for a moment, maybe light a candle and say your own prayer. God Bless. 11 o’clock Prayer […]
Daily Gospel Reflection 14 May 2020 - BROKEN DOWN VEHICLES ON THE ROAD “Then they prayed, ‘O Lord, You read the hearts of men. Make known to us which of these two You choose for this apostolic ministry, replacing Judas, who deserted the cause and went the way he was destined to go.’ ” —Acts 1:24-25 Things break. People break and cry, […]
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