One of our students, Gerald Ngwenya 9LFR, was inspired by the thought of the current world we are living in and he created a ‘Prayer Space’ at home. Here is what he said:

‘It was an opportunity to remember the lives lost during the Holocaust. It also brought an opportunity to stop and reflect as a family about the loved ones we have lost. And the others that have lost their lives to coronavirus.

We go to church on Sundays and always light a candle in remembrance of my grandfather who passed away 2 years ago, we say a prayer for him.

With the covid restrictions, this was a chance for us to have a quiet area, a prayer table and pay our respects for the lost loved ones.’

Could you create a ‘Prayer Space’ at home? It will help you stop, have a quiet place to pray and become closer to God, especially if you are not able to go to your place of worship at this time.