On the final day of National Apprenticeship Week we are focusing on our final apprentice – Miss Martin.

Miss Martin has successfully completed her apprenticeship as a science technician and now works for the Academy as part of our Science Department.

As well as achieving her apprenticeship, she achieved a National Diploma in Applied Science and a certificate in Laboratory Technicians Standards.

Over the two years of study Miss Martin successfully gained three qualifications from her training as an apprentice.

Her course was predominantly online but the practical aspects were assessed in Sutton Coalfield. For the Laboratory Technicians Standards, Miss Martin was monitored for the day on how she conducted her work and her knowledge about how the Academy functions. This included how to assist in a first aid incident and how to respond in a fire alarm.

Over the course of her apprenticeship at St Edmund’s, Miss Martin has grown in confidence and become an integral and very well-liked member of the team. She has taken part in school events such as open evening and covered while the senior technician has been away.

The Science Department has greatly benefitted from Miss Martin. Her skills and knowledge which she has developed while completing her apprenticeship have allowed for more laboratory based work.

Her work ethic and commitment are truly inspirational.