As we celebrate National Apprenticeship Week, we’re looking at three apprentices from St Edmund’s.

Miss Dickson is currently completing a Business Administration Apprenticeship. Her reasoning for choosing an apprenticeship is below.

“From when I was a child I always wanted to work in a school, I was not sure what this was going to be in the beginning.

When transitioning from a school to an apprenticeship, although this is scary in the beginning, it begins to become routine. You become used to the idea that you are now the teacher who is helping the students to get through their school experience.

My apprenticeship is not only helping me to develop my administrative skills but it is also helping me to build the life skills I need to build my career.

So far, throughout my apprenticeship, I have learnt how admin can take you anywhere within any career, I have learnt how within every department even within every school environment needs admin to be able to complete task in their day-to-day working schedule.

In my opinion, having an apprenticeship is the best move for a child to do when leaving school as you have the opportunity to gain a qualification, with skills and support whilst earning money whilst doing this.

I am now coming up to the end of my apprenticeship, I am due to finish in June, and St Edmund’s has allowed me to do this, giving me the quality time needed to complete the tasks for my apprenticeship.

My next step in my career is to find a job where I can elaborate on my skills that I have developed, St Edmund’s has allowed me to make the decision that I would love to continue working in Admin within a school as it varies through completing a range of different tasks for a range of different departments.”