A Level Students Attended Manchester PE Conference

On Thursday 8 March students from St. Edmund’s PE group attended an A Level PE conference at Cheltenham’s Music School in Manchester.  Sara Van-Wely opened the day with some excellent exam tips and tactics in particular about how to approach the three exam papers.  Karen Foans and Russell Tomlin followed with specialist areas of Anatomy & Physiology, Exercise Physiology, Skill Acquisition, Sports Psychology, and Biomechanics. A great day to consolidate knowledge in preparation for their final exam.

Will Tudor describes his experience.

After an early start and a power nap on the way to Manchester I was ready to see what the day had to offer. The conference went over key topics and looked at the common mistakes that are made by students in the exams. There was also a focus on exam technique which I definitely benefited from as the timings and structure for particular questions were shown in a clear way. Revision techniques were explained by establishing links that can be made between topics to make revision more efficient. Overall I took a lot from the day and feel more confident in the final few weeks leading up to my exams.

By Will Tudor