As part of the A2 History syllabus, the department organised a trip to Krakow in Poland for year 13 students. Having written a piece of coursework based on anti-Semitism in Europe during World War Two, the trip was designed to complement their understanding on this topic. During the trip, we visited Auschwitz and Birkenau, two sites of extreme significance when studying the Holocaust. Thereafter, we visited Kazimesh, the Jewish quarter of Krakow which proved to be an emotional and moving day.

Whilst there, we were also given the opportunity to eat at Klezmer Hois, a traditional Jewish restaurant; this was a fantastic way to end the day, being able to enjoy and celebrate Jewish culture in an area where Hitler and the Nazis attempted to destroy it!

The final day of our visit was spent visiting memorials of the victims of the Holocaust, as well as walking around the part of Krakow that was used as the Jewish Ghetto. Students were taken to Oscar Schindler’s factory and were able to visit a Synagogue that has remained intact despite Nazi attempts to annihilate Judaism in Poland. Overall the trip was a huge success and has allowed year 13 students the opportunity to experience the history they are learning about in the classroom, first hand.

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