Yesterday, six of our Year 9 pupils, accompanied by Mr White and Miss Blanchette, embarked on an exciting journey to Stafford Grammar School. This trip was brimming with creative and engaging French languages challenges designed to put their skills to the test.

The day’s itinerary was packed with activities that not only encourages the students to use their French in practical scenarios but also allowed them to have a lot of fun along the way. First up, the pupils crafted their own Panini stickers featuring French athletes from a variety of Olympic disciplines. This activity not only tested their language skills but also their knowledge of French sports culture.

Next, they were tasked with making a promotional video for the Olympic Games, entirely in French. This was an exciting opportunity for the students to showcase their creativity and language proficiency. Working together, they scripted, filmed and edited their videos, all while using the French they’ve been learning since September.

The challenges didn’t stop there. Each group of students had to deliver a group presentation in French, another fantastic opportunity to practise their speaking and teamwork skills. To top it all off they designed and created a board game linked to the Olympics, incorporating French instructions and terminology. This final task required not only language skills but also strategic thinking and creativity.

Competing against numerous teams from different schools, including older Year 10 pupils, our Year 9 students were truly put to the test. Despite the competition, our students shone brightly, impressing the judges with their dedication and proficiency in French.

A special highlight of the day was Carita winning a special prize for having the clearest speaking voice in French. This recognition was a proud moment for all, highlighting the hard work and effort our students have put into their language studies.

All of our pupils represented St Edmund’s exquisitely, demonstrating not only their language abilities but also their impeccable behaviour and enthusiasm. They were a true credit to our Academy, making us incredibly proud.

The entire experience was not only educational but also immensely enjoyable. As we look ahead, this event has fueled our excitement and motivation to begin our GCSE French course in September. The foundation has been set, and we can’t wait to see our students continue to grow and excel in their French language journey.

A big thank you to Stafford Grammar School for hosting such a wonderful event and to Mr White and Miss Blanchette for guiding out students through this fantastic experience.