National Apprenticeship Week holds a special significance for our school. While highlighting the alternative pathways a child can follow in their post-16 education, it also aligns with the principles of social justice and community service deeply rooted in Catholic teachings.

Embracing the spirit of solidarity and subsidiarity, this week a platform for fostering economic empowerment and dignity through meaningful work and skill development. Apprenticeships can be seen as a means to promote the common good, offering individuals the opportunity to contribute to society while honouring their talents and abilities.

The emphasis on mentorship and shared responsibility during National Apprenticeship Week resonates with our belief in nurturing the potential of each person for the greater benefit of the entire community.

This week becomes a celebration of vocational discernment and the pursuit of excellence in one’s chosen path, reflecting our belief and commitment to work as a means of realising human dignity and contributing to the common good.

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