As we continue through National Apprenticeship Week, we’re focusing on the second apprentice from St Edmund’s.

Our second apprentice has completed their apprenticeship and now works for us as Creative and Technical Support Administrator. Miss Watts-Robinson completed their education at 18 and went on to university to study Ancient Civilisations. They then continued studying to Masters level where they achieved a degree in Antiquity.

Miss Watts-Robinson decided that after completing this study it would be useful to gain some more work-based skills to help enter the world of work after being part of the student body for such a long time.

“My apprenticeship was really helpful, it gave me the knowledge on how office-based jobs function and the skills needed to be successful in these roles. I loved studying my degree, and I still love the subject, but the jobs roles that go with it are few and far between. Having the apprenticeship gives me an extra edge to get employers interested.”

Applying to the City of Wolverhampton College, Miss Watts-Robinson secured an apprenticeship at St Edmund’s working in the Student Support office. This provided many useful skills such as communication, adaptability and first aid. Mentoring from the apprenticeship supervisor helped them to quickly adapt to working of office life and allowed them to flourish.

During the course of their training, Miss Watts-Robinson began to take up more design based work for the Academy. It was from this that they were offered a job at St Edmund’s to continue this design work as well as other administration tasks.