On Monday 4th March, five of our students, along with students from SS.Mary’s and John’s Catholic Primary took their Sacrament of Confirmation. The Mass was celebrated by the Rt Rev Bishop David McGough. Bishop David had spent the afternoon with the students talking to them about the strength of Holy Spirit.
The students renewed the promises, which were made on their behalf, by their godparents during baptism; and then Bishop David prayed for the candidates, while stretching his hands over them
Each candidate knelt before the Bishop with his or her sponsor. The sponsor placed their right hand on their shoulder while the Bishop anointed them with the oil of Chrism. During the anoint, the Bishop addressed each by his or her confirmation name saying, ‘Be sealed with the Gift of the Holy Spirit’
After the Mass they continued their celebrations in the church hall.
On Thursday 14th March 4 more of our students will be receiving their Confirmation at St Michaels Catholic Church in Penn, along with the students from St Michael’s Catholic Primary at 7 o’clock. The RT Rev Bishop MC Gough will be the celebrant once again.
The students have been working hard with Mrs Ferris after school and during their lunch to complete their spiritual preparation confirmation.
We ask that you keep these students in your prayers that they may be filled with the Holy Spirit.