In a heartwarming celebration this May, St Michael’s Catholic Primary Academy and Nursery honoured the month dedicated to Mary with a special afternoon liturgy. The event marked the blessing of a newly established prayer area within the school grounds, which now features a beautiful statue of Our Lady. This gathering was not only a testament to the academy’s devotion but also an opportunity to reflect on the significant role Mary played in her son’s life and mission.

The liturgy was a profound expression of faith, encompassing a variety of readings, prayers and hymns dedicated to Mary. These elements came together to create a deeply moving experience for all attendees. The highlight of the ceremony was an inspiring address by Reverend McKearney, who eloquently articulated why Mary holds such a pivotal place in our spiritual lives. The event culminated with a serene and contemplative Litany, leaving everyone with a sense of peace and reverence.

Reflecting on this beautiful afternoon, Reverend McKearney shared his thoughts:

“It was wonderful to be asked to be a part of this liturgy in honour of Our Lady in one of our family schools in the St Francis and Claire MAC. I’m always bowled over by the energy and enthusiasm of our primary students and it was an absolute joy and privilege to be able to share this time of prayer with them. Thank you to Mr Jewkes and Miss Hughes for inviting me.”

Reverend McKearney’s words captured the essence of the occasion, highlighting the vibrant spirit of the students and the collective devotion of the St Michael’s community. The new prayer area and the statue of Our Lady are now blessed spaces where students and staff can retreat for reflection and prayer, enhancing their spiritual journey within the academy environment.

This event was a beautiful reminder of the importance of Mary in our faith and a celebration of the academy’s commitment to maintaining a strong spiritual foundation. St Michael’s Catholic Primary Academy and Nursery continues to inspire with its dedication to honouring significant figures in our faith, providing students with opportunities to grow in their spiritual lives.

As we continue through the academic year, the newly blessed prayer area will undoubtedly become a cherished spot within the academy grounds, a symbol of the community’s devotion, and a testament to the enduring love and honour they hold for Our Lady.