Former Student Represents The Queen’s Royal Hussars in Bavaria

A former student at St Edmund’s Catholic Academy, Wolverhampton, described by his former Head of Year as ‘A bit of a tearaway in his early years!’ has certainly turned his life around and given his former secondary school something to be proud of!

St Edmund’s were recently advised that Trooper Levi Coyne, former student from 2006 to 2011, now aged 21, was one of four hundred soldiers who were involved in Exercise Saber Junction 17.  Levi played a key part in this exercise as driver of a Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank and was representing The Queen’s Royal Hussars in Bavaria, Southern Germany.  A total of 4,500 soldiers from 13 NATO contributing nations took part.


Levi commented ‘It has been very challenging.  The ground is very boggy and has lots of tight wood blocks making it difficult to manoeuvre around.  It’s not terrain we are familiar with so you have to be vigilant all the time to make sure a track doesn’t slip or that the tank gets bogged down.  Although I am a junior member of the crew we are all learning and it’s a case of remembering your key soldiering skills and working together to overcome problems when we encounter them’.


Levi, an avid Wolves supporter, said how much he was enjoying his time with the Regiment in Germany travelling and seeing many of the attractions that Europe has to offer.


Principal, Maggie Hughes commented, ‘I am happy that St Edmund’s has provided Levi with the learning, knowledge and skills to carry out this demanding role responsibly and courageously.  The opportunities with which he is being provided will help develop his character, resilience and spirit.  We are very proud of him indeed’.



Trooper Levi Coyne QRH