– Testimonials –

‘I would like to congratulate St Edmund’s on securing the necessary capital funding to improve the school. Your team must have worked very hard to put together the application’

Rob Marris MP April 2017

‘Not only was I genuinely impressed by the warmth and politeness of staff and students as we went around the site; there are many schools where this simply isn’t the case. Kudos to you, your team and SLT for achieving this’

Visitor to St Edmund’s

‘Visiting St Ed’s has restored my faith in the fact that some sites are doing the whole ICT thing right’

Mark Bartley, CTO, Haptic Networks

– Welcome –

Welcome, to St Edmund’s Catholic Academy for students aged eleven to nineteen.

Ours is a learning community rooted in Gospel Values and committed to the care and success of every student. We strive to live out the motto of our patron, Edmund Campion, To Love and Serve the Lord, in our daily school life, in our chaplaincy, in our parishes and in Bishop Cleary Catholic Multi Academy Company to which we belong. We support our young people to respect themselves, others and the world in which they all live, to encourage them in their journey in faith and to provide opportunities to challenge and stimulate their curiosity for learning.

Education at St Edmund’s is more than simply academic; it is a partnership with families in the spiritual, academic, moral and social upbringing of young people on their journey to adulthood.

At St Edmund’s we encourage our students to recognise and be grateful for their gifts and develop them fully so they may be generous in their service: becoming men and women for others.

St Edmund’s has a proud tradition of academic excellence and inclusion, of the integration of technologies for learning, of distinguished sporting, musical, creative, artistic, technological and scientific endeavour, of links with other countries and the active support of local, national and international charities.

We are fortunate to have a new building which groups subjects into four learning faculties: Journey in Faith, Communication & Culture, Creativity & Expression and Discovery & Application.

We welcome into our community all who share our vision, and who will actively support our aims and values as a Catholic Academy.

Maggie Hughes

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