Welcome to St. Edmund’s Academy Library

Our aim is to provide an extensive range of materials for study and relaxation.

We hope, at all times, to maintain an air of quiet for study purposes whilst also providing pupils and students with a friendly and welcoming atmosphere in which to work or read.

All pupils are members of the library as soon as they are accepted into the academy. This enables them to make use of the facilities we provide immediately.

All pupils are normally allowed to borrow three items for a period of three weeks.

Sixth Form Students are allowed to borrow 6 books.


Opening Times

Monday to Friday 8:40 – 1.20pm


How to use the library

Finding your way

You will find the library is arranged in sections.

Reference Books

These are found near the windows. Dictionaries and encyclopaedias are found here and are for looking up useful facts and information. These books are not for loan.

Non-Fiction Books

These are books that give facts and may be borrowed from the library. These books are put together by subject and are given a special code number, classification or Dewey number.

This is how they are arranged:

000       General Topics              500       Science

100       The Mind                       600       Technology

200       Religion                        700       Arts, Leisure, Sport

300       Social Science               800       Literature

400       Languages                    900       History, Geography

You will see these headings above the shelves. The numbers to look for are on the book spines.

Fiction Books

These are stories or novels and are arranged on the shelves at the end of the library, in alphabetical order by the authors’ surname. The book spines are marked ‘F’.

Information Station

We have a trolley of chromebooks situated in the library. These are available for use by the whole school at break and lunch time.


You may borrow eBooks by following this link St Edmund’s Academy eLibrary. You are allowed 3 books and they remain on your bookshelf for 3 weeks. You will need to register with the website.


The Library catalogue can be found by following this link St Edmund’s Academy Library or downloading the mobile App iMLS.


There are few rules; listed below are the most important ones:

* The library should be a quiet place.
* Food and drink is not allowed in the library
* Pupils are allowed to take three items at a time; these are issued for three weeks and fines of 5p per day per item are charged for late returns.