Alton Castle

For 3 days, 35 students from year 7 and 8 experienced the delights of Alton Castle Catholic Retreat Centre in Alton Staffordshire. The theme for the retreat was ’Who am I?’ The students were to consider how they view themselves, how friends view them, family and God.
‘He counts the Stars and Calls them all by name’ Psalm 147:7
They then faced a range of challenges, such as survival skills, archery, trekking and a climbing wall. They also looked at the three things we need to survive, water, food and shelter. This helped them look at what they are capable of and how to work as a team.
They had opportunities to pray and attend Mass Celebrated with Fr Thé Quang Nguyen in St John the Baptist Church, on the grounds of the Castle.
The weather was frosty, many layers were needed but fun was had by all.

In case no-one told you today, you are God’s work of Art,
Wonderfully made, knit together by the almighty,
Anticipated since the beginning of time,
You are called to a unique and specific purpose.
You are not rubbish, and you never were,
Because God does not make rubbish
It is time to be fearfully and wonderfully you!